Grudge's Claw is a Finnish Heavy Rock band and Tunerail Records' first signup.

Around the beginning of the millenia, on one boozed up afternoon the singer Sami "Texas" Ilvonen and guitar player Tony Bite had a sudden mind-busting idea. They planned to form a metal band that would bring all the best components of 80's heavy rock music together, updated to the sound of today.

Come the winter of 2005 the now ripe idea started to take form as Texas won a singing competition, Wanna Be a Rockstar?, that was held in Helsinki's famous club On the Rocks. The price for the winner was a couple of free sessions in a studio paid full by On the Rocks. This was the moment the guys had been waiting for, the time to step forth and make the brainstorm they had into reality!

The band headed to their trusted lair D-Studio, where the quality of sound is guaranteed. The single was created over the period of a couple of months in several sessions and the outcome was then mixed and mastered by Erkka Korhonen at Minor Music Studios. Just recently founded Tunerail Records made a point of their interest to the project right from the start.

The official release date is Wednesday May 21st 2006. The single will hit the stores in Finland during May.